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Fully managed,

rapidly customizable

Marketing technology integrations

What is DataX?

DataX platform is a repository of pre-built marketing technology integrations that support common use cases in both digital and direct marketing. The integrations can be used out of the box or be quickly customized to suit specific client requirements allowing customers to generate significant savings on their marketing technology investments.

50+ pre-built apps covering Web Analytics, Marketing measurement, Social integrations, Ad optimization and much more

marketing integration

How it works

  • Build

    Simply authorize access to the systems you want to connect, select processing options and you are good to go! For custom requirements, our team works with you to rapidly tailor and deploy the base apps

  • Configure and Control

    Each integration we build has a web based configuration interface that allows you to easily change runtime parameters and also control execution schedule

  • Monitor

    Robust logging and error monitoring using web based dashboard to help you quickly debug integration runs

A feature packed integration platform

Fully managed, rapidly customizable Marketing technology integrations

Advanced triggering

Support for multiple triggering options including Run now, Run on schedule and Run in response to external events

Full configuration control

Easily modify integration parameter using web based console and without involving IT or extensive code re-design

Robust logging

A robust logging and execution audit engine built from grounds up to provide detailed execution footprint for quick troubleshooting

Reporting and notifications

Easily monitor the status of job runs, job run history and enable email notifications for job start, run, and errors

Best practices based marketing integration

API Expertise

Our API expertise consists of an in-depth knowledge of APIs of dozens of marketing tools thereby allowing us to quickly build robust integration solutions without trial and error

Robust Architecture

Best practices based architecture supporting enhanced non functional requirements around scalability, security, speed, logging and general availability

Agile development

Rapid fire development using Agile best practices in an outsourced environment

Fanatic support

Meticulously planned support engagement models for efficient live operations and support incident handling

Turbo-charge your Marketing integration with DataX

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