What is EzBI?

EzBI platform provides Marketers with web based dashboards built using Powebi Embedded. The platform provides a number of features including role based access, multi-user/client support, report groups and online collaboration that allow Marketers to securely and seamlessly collaborate on the marketing measurement efforts with both internal and external stakeholders.

Power packed feature set

Secure, online dashboards

Secure, Access controlled dashboards built using PowerBI embedded.

Role based access

Control dashboard access using role based tenancy model.

Automated data refresh

Automated data refresh for dashboards built using Direct Query mode.

Multi-tenant support

Easily manage Clients/Users from control panel and control dashboard access. Suited for both agencies and internal marketing departments.

Online collaboration

Easily annotate dashboards with custom comments and share with users.

Fully managed service

Fully managed SaaS platform providing robust SLAs for security, scalability, downtime and data issue resolution.

How it works?

  • Build dashboard

    Build reports using PowerBI Desktop with DirectQuery mode on

  • Configure Azure connections in EzBI

    Specify Azure workspace and database server details in EzBI

  • Upload report

    Upload report from Step 1 into EzBI

  • Setup report control

    Setup users and access control in EzBI to control report access

More awsome features!

Role based security

Show only relevant data to users by using the role based security feature implemented natively in EzBI.

PowerBI JavaScript Support

Implement client side filtering using PowerBI Javascript library supported out of the box.

Build your own

Build your own dashboards using PowerBI direct query and also your own copy of Azure SQL Server. Simply upload the final reports into EzBI for seamless sharing with your audience group.

PowerBI development outsourcing

Outsource PowerBI report development and leave the configuration to us including provision of underlying database infrastructure and fully automated data sink refresh.

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