Six use cases for Facebook Live for business

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When it comes to content engagement, social video wins hands-down. Reports by Brightcove Statistics indicate that social video generates 1200% more shares than images and text combined.

Businesses and marketers are well-aware that they can improve their social media engagement considerably by leveraging these video platforms. YouTube has been the pioneer in the video marketing industry. But, in the recent years, there have been many entrants in the video industry such as SnapChat, Instagram, Periscope, Meerkat and even Facebook Videos.

SnapChat (now Snap Inc.) was the think tank behind the disappearing pictures and videos. Recently, even Instagram has implemented such a feature. Periscope and Meerkat stood out from the crowd as they were mainly live-video platforms. Facebook combined the best of these platforms and launched the Facebook Live feature in 2015.

Ever since Facebook launched Live, live-video streaming skyrocketed to new heights. And why not? Facebook being home to 1.2 billion users, there is no better platform to reach out to a greater audience. Additionally, here are other features that Facebook implemented in their Live-Videos to make it more engaging.

  1. You can post live videos to your own page, a facebook page, events or a group. Further, you can control the privacy settings, something which Periscope and Meerkat lacked.
  2. You can see who joined in to watch your video, read comments and see reactions from your viewers as you proceed. You can also post comments or reply to them.
  3. The best feature, perhaps, is that videos do not disappear after 24 hours. You can store videos on your own profile, and then interact with the people who reacted or boost your post.
  4. As with the Facebook Ads manager, you get detailed insights after completing the video. You can see the reach of your audience, the number of viewers, the number of people who reacted, comments, shares, etc.

Given this practical edge that FB Live seems to have over its competition, the product is poised to provide B2B Marketers with exciting opportunities to improve customer experience. Here are some use cases that companies can look to implement as part of their FB live experiences

1.      Address blog comments/common queries

Companies can use Facebook Live to address topics in which their audience seems quite interested in, such as a blog post which garnered a long discussion. Or this can be used as a short intro to something about your business that you want to explain or address common queries. Later, you can pin these posts to the top of your Facebook page so that every new user can watch it first.

2.      Show ‘Behind the Scenes’ and inner working of your business

Customers love to watch how your business is carried out within closed walls, i.e. an insight into the daily lives of you and your team members. You can use Facebook Live to create a BTS video and present a more informal perception to your customers. This helps in establishing a personal connection with consumers, apart from a business-oriented relationship.

3.      Host interviews with influencers

You can use Facebook Live to stream interviews and discussions with influencers in your business niche. This use case is especially useful to expand your audience. Influencers often have a bigger network than you. When your influencers also share the live stream/completed video, you will find numerous new prospects.

4.      Give a sneak peek of new products/services

With Facebook Live, you can give your users a sneak peek of a new product or service that you are about to launch. This helps in developing interest and curiosity among the users regarding your service, even before your product is launched.

5.      Talk about political issues

Traditionally, companies have always stayed away from political matters. But the recent Uber crisis, where Uber failed to take a stand regarding the immigrant ban in the USA and later, Lyft using this to their advantage, taught us that in light of recent events, businesses would have to take a stand in political matters. You can use Facebook Live to rope in political figures and show your concern regarding prevalent issues.

6.      Guide through popular events (CES, MWC, Comic Con)

There are always popular shows and events around the globe for every business sector. Think of the CES and MWC for a Consumer Electronics company or Comic Con for a comics-based apparel business. While these shows are largely popular, many people don’t get a chance to visit such events. With Facebook Live, you can give your users a virtual tour of the event, while generating interest and leads for your own business.


Facebook Live is a versatile tool with wide-scale applicability. With the kind of features that Facebook Live boasts of and the strength of the user base, Facebook Live will soon eclipse all other live streaming apps. According to reports, people already spend 3X more times watching live videos than native videos. Further, there is no special equipment required to get started other than a smartphone with a front camera. Use Facebook Live today and boost your business’ growth.

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